Request a Tax Planning Overview

Did you know that Rich, Wightman & Company, CPAs releases a yearly Tax Planning Overview?  It is prepared by our Tax Partner Ginger Brooks, CPA.  If you would like a copy in PDF format simply email one of our Certified Public Accountants: 

​Tax Reform

On December 22, 2017, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was enacted resulting in the most significant
changes to the Country’s tax laws since 1986. Most of the changes went into effect January 1,
2018. Those changes include lower tax brackets across the board for individuals, estates and trusts,
a new 21% flat tax rate for corporations, a new 20% deduction for income from qualifying passthrough
entities and higher exemptions from estate tax. Many taxpayers have already experienced
an increase in their net paychecks as a result of revised withholding tables which factor in the new
lower tax brackets. Details of the legislation are incorporated in the Tax Planning Overview.

The Tax Planning Overview is intended to assist you with year-round tax planning and to inform
you of recent changes in the tax laws. Please feel free to contact our accounting offices to discuss any questions and how these changes may personally impact you and your businesses.