Tax Planning & Preparation Services Offered:        

  • Planning: We provide year end tax planning to minimize and timely inform clients of tax liabilities (business and personal)

  • Strategy: Development of tax strategies related to unusual business and individual transactions

  • Preparation: We prepare all federal, state and local income tax returns

  • Complex Returns: We prepare Gift Tax, Trusts, Estate and Not-for-Profit returns

  • Tax Recovery: We prepare amended returns, net operating loss carrybacks and abatement of penalties

  • Representation: We represent taxpayers in IRS audits, appeals, collection issues and negotiation of liabilities

Focus on Planning

​Assisting clients with tax preparation and compliance issues is an integral part of the services provided by our highly trained professionals. More importantly, we focus on tax planning and implementation of strategies, with the objectives of minimizing taxes, eliminating penalties, avoiding “surprises”, and servicing our clients’ individual and unique needs.

We know that every financial transaction has an associated tax cost and impacts the bottom line, which is why we evaluate every possibility in assessing tax positions and employ the most favorable option when there is a choice, while maintaining accuracy and compliance with the tax laws and minimizing risks. 

Use of modern technology and an expansive tax library keep us on top of continually changing tax laws and current audit issues, which we proactively incorporate into preparation of our clients’ returns.  

With proper planning, we can tackle complicated issues upfront and timely inform our clients of their tax liabilities so they fully understand their cash flow requirements, which helps them achieve their financial goals and provides peace of mind.

Specialized Areas of Services

​Our team of professionals has the diverse expertise to evaluate the tax consequences associated with complex issues in all areas of the tax law. Just some of the areas we can assist include:

  • Real estate lease, sale, foreclosure and exchange transactions

  • Structuring legal settlements

  • Estate and gift planning 

  • IRA conversions and RMDs

  • Relocation and out of state activities 

  • Penalty abatement and appeals

  • International reporting requirements

  • Filing delinquent returns 

  • Debt restructuring and forgiveness

  • Involuntary conversions 

  • ​Loss carryback claims

​Business transactions:

  • Choice of entity type 

  • Business acquisitions and sales

  • Selection of appropriate accounting methods 

  • Employ benefit and accountable reimbursement plan

  • Executive compensation and dividends

  • Mergers and acquisitions

  • Succession planning

  • Cost segregation studies

  • Inventory methods and capitalization policies

  • ​Sales, use, franchise, payroll and personal property tax compliance

  • Unclaimed property reporting

Tax Planning