Litigation support

  • Support: We commit our accounting staff and firm resources
  • Timeliness: We communicate missing accounting pieces to keep the case moving forward
  • Strategy: We inventory and evaluate accounting documents and provide alternative sources to obtain missing pieces
  • Consulting: We are experienced in handling complex accounting issues. We interpret and translate sophisticated accounting matter to legal jargon
  • Expert: We have experts that have testified in every court
  • Reports: We prepare valuation, damage studies, exhibits and settlement proposals


  • Minimize Tax: Or eliminate estate taxes using the most advanced planning techniques
  • Overall Plan: Working with the client & other professionals to achieve specific goals that include the "Family" and "Family of Business"
  • Compliance: We prepare all necessary federal, state & foreign filings including Forms 706, 709, 1041, 990, 1065
  • Asset Protection: Incorporate, if necessary, entities & possible asset protection into overall estate plan
  • Accounting: We provide annual accounting for court proceedings & beneficiaries
  • Litigation: Assistance with family disputes, litigation negotiations & evaluation of equitable remedies


  • Estate and Tax Planning: Certain Estate Plans and gift Tax Returns require that a business valuation be performed using methods prescribed by the IRS
  • M&As: Before and during many business mergers and acquisitions, business valuations will be performed to help determine purchase prices and contract terms
  • Litigation: Quite often the value of a business is a much-debated issue during litigation. Business valuations help to determine equitable resolutions
  • GAAP: FAS 141 and 142 require, at various times, the application of modern valuation to measure impairment of intangible assets
  • Specialists: Our valuation staff consists of advanced certifications with CVA designations


  • CFO Services: We provide sophisticated business concepts for management to consider
  • Outsource: We can be your entire accounting department
  • Competence: Our CPAs provide monthly accountings that accurately reflect your company’s operations on a timely basis that will lower costs of annual tax filings
  • Financials: We assist with monthly preparation of in-house financial statements
  • Compliance: We prepare state and local monthly and/or quarterly filings


  • Planning: We provide year end tax planning to minimize and timely inform clients of tax liabilities (business and personal)
  • Strategy: Development of tax strategies related to unusual business transactions
  • Preparation: We prepare all federal, state and local income tax returns
  • Complex Returns: We prepare Gift Tax, Trusts, Estate and Not-for-Profit returns
  • Tax Recovery: We prepare amended returns, net operating loss carrybacks and abatement of penalties
  • Representation: We represent taxpayers in IRS audits, appeals, collection issues and negotiation of liabilities 


  • ​ Certified: We provide audits of privately held companies for banking, bonding and regulation
  • Benefit Plans: 401(k) and ESOP audits, including assistance with compliance
  • Compliance: SAS 70 audits
  • Not-For-Profit: 501(c)(3) Charitable organizations
  • Government: Government (Yellow Book) audits
  • Special: Bankruptcy and agreed upon procedures audits
  • Financial Statement Preparation: Unaudited, Compilations and Reviews for all industries and businesses (sole proprietors, LLCs, Partnerships and Corporations)


*Statistics: Did you know losses to fraud are estimated to be 7% of your gross revenues?

  • Psychology: Opportunity, Motivation, and Rationalization are key elements to fraud
  • Training:  Evaluate existing internal controls, design customized internal control procedures and Implementation, maintenance and periodic testing of controls
  • Investigation: Red flags and other evidence of fraud
  • Specialists: Our fraud unit consists of staff with advanced certifications CFF and CFE designations

*Source: ACFEsm 2008 Report to the Nation on Occupational Fraud and Abuse

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