We are committed to providing our clients with the highest degree of technical competence, professionalism and integrity.  Our professional staff are Certified Public Accountants, MBAs, or equivalent.




  • We communicate missing accounting pieces to keep the case moving forward
  • We assign litigation cases to experienced forensic accountants with CFF and CFE designations
  • We properly plan and supervise each litigation case to meet agreed upon deadlines
  • We schedule periodic status meetings to inform you of our progress on the case


  • We inventory and evaluate accounting documents and provide alternative sources to obtain missing information
  • We can assist with drafting or responding to interrogatories related to our area of expertise
  • We can assist in the discovery process by identifying critical accounting documents and their possible source
  • We are available to assist with or attend depositions related to our portion of the case
  • We can assist with witness preparation for deposition and trial


  • We are experienced in handling complex accounting issues 
  • We interpret and translate sophisticated accounting matters
  • We can assist behind the scenes in developing accounting strategies
  • Development of settlement proposals that consider tax consequences


  • If an Expert Witness is required we have experts that have testified in every court
  • Our Expert Witnesses are experienced in a broad range of industries and accounting issues
  • Our Experts have advanced training and experience in the deposition process


  • Damage studies and calculations
  • Certified audit reports
  • Certain agreed upon procedure reports
  • Forensic accountings
  • Property divisions and settlement proposals
  • Business valuations
  • Development of settlement proposals
  • Loss of earnings calculations
  • Estate and trust accountings

Assisting in Fraud Investigations:

  • Evaluate existing internal controls
  • Design customized internal control procedures
  • Implementation, maintenance and periodic testing of controls
  • Investigation:  We recognize red flags and other evidence of fraud
  • Report results of fraud investigations in accordance with the association of Certified Fraud Examiners for civil damages or criminal prosecution
  • Develop training and fraud prevention program

Litigation Support